Woowa Brothers: Revolutionizing Digital Transformation Journey with Salesforce by Beryl 8 Plus

“Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam has demonstrated unwavering support not only during the implementation phase but also throughout the entire journey. They have been responsive to our needs, addressing our concerns promptly, and ensuring that the project progresses smoothly.” Ms.Hoang Xuan My Anh, CRM Project Manager of Woowa Brothers

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Woowa Brothers has been embarking on a digital transformation journey to fulfill the Service Vision 3.0 of “Delivering Everyday Happiness to Your Door”. The key element to this vision’s success is the ability to attract and maintain reputable food merchants into the Woowa Brother’s food delivery platform, BAEMIN. Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam provided consultancy and implemented Salesforce around the Food Merchants ecosystem.

Hear more about Woowa Brothers’s digital transformation journey from Ms.Hoang Xuan My Anh, CRM Project Manager of Woowa Brothers

  • What triggered you to start this journey with Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam and Salesforce? Were there any business growth that Woowa Brothers wanted to achieve?

The decision to embark with Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam and Salesforce was primarily driven by several key factors:

  1. Data Reliability: Our previous system encountered frequent errors that compromised the reliability of our data. These errors were detrimental to our operations and decision-making processes.
  2. Scalability Needs: As Woowa Brothers continued to grow, the initial setup that suited the early stages of our business became less effective. The lack of automation and the reliance on manual processes led to increased inefficiencies and a higher risk of human errors. With our merchant base expanding from 10,000 to 100,000, it became evident that we needed a more scalable and automated solution to support our operations effectively.
  3. Vendor Support: We also faced challenges with the quality of vendor support provided by our previous system. This resulted in delays in our business operations and incurred additional costs.

In essence, our goal was to overcome these challenges and create a more robust and scalable infrastructure that could support our continued growth and provide reliable data for informed decision-making. Implementing salesforce is to achieve better operational efficiency, data integrity, and overall business growth.

  • How has this project contributed to your mission to achieve Service Vision 3.0 “Delivering Happiness to your Door”?
  1. Reduced Time to Acquire New Merchants: By streamlining and automating our processes, we have decreased the time required to acquire new merchants. This means that we can onboard new partners more swiftly and efficiently. Faster acquisition means we can expand our services and reach more customers, ultimately enhancing their experience.
  2. Decreased Administrative Tasks for Sales Person In Charge (PIC): Our project has also alleviated the administrative burden on our Sales PICs. With automated processes and more efficient tools in place, our sales team can now dedicate more of their time and energy to nurturing and taking care of our merchants.
  3. Decrease Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Merchant Support: Another crucial aspect is the decrease in the SLA for resolving merchant issues. By enhancing our systems and processes, we can address merchant problems more rapidly and effectively. This ensures that our partners receive prompt assistance, minimizing disruptions to their operations and enhancing their overall experience
  • In addition to meeting the key objective of effectively managing the Food Merchants in the Baemin ecosystem, were there any other business benefits that you have gained from this project?
  1. Centralized Data for Comprehensive Insights: The introduction of this system has provided our team with a centralized hub for data, enabling us to retrieve information quickly and efficiently. With this consolidated view, the team gains a comprehensive understanding of the merchant journey.
  2. Decreased SLA for Merchant Issue Resolution: The project's impact on reducing SLA for resolving merchant issues extends beyond the Sales team. By streamlining processes and facilitating access to necessary information, the Merchant Ops Team can also address merchant concerns more swiftly and effectively.
  3. Minimized Manual Work: Automation is a significant benefit derived from this project, not only for Sales but also for the Merchant Ops Team. By automating various aspects of merchant management, such as store activation and post-sales processes, manual work is significantly reduced.
  • How was your interaction with Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam throughout the entire project?
  1. Continuous Support: Beryl8-Vietnam has demonstrated unwavering support not only during the implementation phase but also throughout the entire journey. They have been responsive to our needs, addressing our concerns promptly, and ensuring that the project progresses smoothly.
  2. Technical Expertise: Beryl8-Vietnam's technical expertise has been instrumental in helping us set up the system effectively. They have offered valuable guidance on how to achieve our objectives while keeping costs in check. Their ability to understand our business operations deeply has made a significant difference in the success of the project.
  3. Stakeholder Management: Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam has also assisted us in managing relationships with other vendors and internal stakeholders. This collaborative approach has facilitated better stakeholder management and ensured that the project aligns with our broader business goals.
  4. Post-Project Support: The support from Beryl 8 Plus -Vietnam has not waned after the project's completion.You have consistently met deadlines and provided post-project support as needed, ensuring that our system runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Could you please share your thoughts and concerns before and after the project is completed?

Before the project was completed, there was a mixture of excitement and anticipation along with some concerns about how smoothly the transition would go. We were eager to implement the new system and expected it to bring significant improvements to our operations. However, there were also concerns about the potential challenges during the transition and the need for our team to adapt to the changes.

After the project was completed, there was a sense of relief and satisfaction. The new system had been successfully implemented, and we could already see the benefits in terms of improved data accuracy, streamlined processes, and reduced manual work. This brought a sense of accomplishment and reassured us that we had made the right decision.

Overall, the transition from our previous system to the new one was met with a positive response from our team. It marked a significant improvement in our operations and set a solid foundation for our future growth.