You can now replace the default sample workbooks in Tableau Desktop with custom sample workbooks, tailored for your business and community of users. We’re handing over that precious space within the product so you can better serve your organization.

You can use custom samples for a variety of solutions. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

  • Get new users up and running in Tableau with sample data sets that relate to their department so they can play around risk-free.
  • Pre-populate workbooks to distribute corporate data sources that you want new dashboard authors to become familiar with. Maybe you send them on a scavenger hunt to answer questions about the business as part of an onboarding program or corporate certification.
  • Use the space to bring teams together for fun viz challenges or contests. Perhaps you even dedicate a few spaces to showcase the first, second, and third-place winners!
  • Create a workbook to highlight a specific part of the business—maybe it’s a new product launch, or an important monthly or quarterly update.

Get started with custom sample workbooks in Tableau Desktop

  • Some Tableau packaged workbooks (up to five .twbx files—please note that .twb is not supported)
  • A local directory to host your packaged workbooks (network directories aren't supported)
  • Our great Tableau Help content with step-by-step instructions to follow

No one knows your business, or your data sets better than you do—so go forth and use that expertise to enhance your analytics with custom sample workbooks that meet your users’ unique needs.

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