Now, Salesforce introduced a new Analytics Performance Bundle that helps companies consolidate their analytics tools to achieve success now with an easy-to-use, self-service platform that saves costs and gives every employee tools to gain real-time insights and make decisions quickly. With Tableau, customers report 29% faster time to insight and faster delivery of business driving reports, and an average 26% decrease in time required to analyze information.

Today’s economic climate means companies in every industry must establish key performance indicators - and manage them aggressively. From making manufacturing processes more efficient, improving attendee experience at events, driving a performance culture, and making customer service organizations more efficient, data and analytics are the common thread for success now. And yet, a survey of more than 600 senior executives* finds companies struggling to harness their data’s true power, reporting problems including ease of use, speed, scalability, and bottlenecks in the IT and analytics groups responsible for preparing and analyzing data.

This hasn’t stopped IT teams from trying. IDC** found that while 63% of CIOs will make targeted reductions in IT spend or reduce overall IT budgets, organizations continue to invest in strategic technology projects to support business initiatives, including analytics, as part of broader digital transformation.

“In today’s business and economic climate, every leader is searching for ways to find success now-saving costs, reducing complexity, and increasing efficiency and time to value,” said Ryan Aytay, Salesforce President and Chief Revenue Officer at Tableau.

“Salesforce and Tableau together can help companies drive success right now. This new bundle brings together a fully-hosted, cloud-based solution complete with manageability, security, and scalability functionality to drive smarter, faster decisions now and in the future.”


The Analytics Performance Bundle will help businesses find success now by:

  • Providing a fast, flexible, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade analytics platform designed to fit into a customer’s current enterprise architecture via Tableau.
  • Giving customers the tools needed to discover, understand, connect, and trust their data with Data Management.
  • Enabling customers to manage, secure, and scale mission-critical analytics through Advanced Management.
  • Offering customers the training resources they need to use Tableau with eLearning.

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*Source: Scaling the Power of Analytics Across the Organization survey.

**Source: IDC Blog, The First Potential Recession in the ‘As-a-Service’ Technology World, July 2022