Document workflow automation with electronic signatures can save hundreds of hours per year. If your organization is still creating documents and agreements from scratch and then relying on signers in a workflow to manually forward the document to the next signer, it might be time for an upgrade.

Best-in-class document workflow automation is easy to set up and makes document creation and signature collection simple. Any approved user can create a new document based on a preset template, which only requires entering a few key details into a form. When it’s ready for signature, the document is automatically sent to the first person who needs to sign off, and to each subsequent person once a signature is received.

The right document workflow automation system will incorporate electronic signature security features to create a record of who signed and at what time. It can also be configured to send automated reminders, which can reduce delays caused by workflow bottlenecks. These features ensure you will always know a document’s status within the signature workflow and where to find a document if it needs to be accessed for review or revision.

Benefits of document workflow automation and electronic signatures

Automating the distribution, signature collection, and storage of digital documents enables more than just a streamlined contract workflow. The features of a best-in-class document automation workflow system will create opportunities to increase efficiencies at scale that are not possible with traditional manual workflow processes.

Bulk document distribution for signatures

You don’t compose your organization’s most important documents by hunting and pecking, one key at a time. So why distribute them one recipient at a time? The right digital document management system has the ability to send standardized electronic documents to hundreds or even thousands of recipients at once. It will also allow you to authenticate each user via SMS, email, or phone. Each document will have a record made at each step of the process, from opening to signing. And once the signing process is complete, a copy of the final document will be sent to each recipient and stored internally.

Bulk document distribution is essential for streamlining workflows. Here are just a few examples of processes that will benefit from bulk distribution:

  • HR notices that require acknowledgement
  • Sending promotional offers to multiple organizations
  • Distributing tenant forms

Create documents faster with templates

Not every document needs to be a unique work of art. In fact, it’s usually better if they aren’t. To save time and money, skip to the end of the line with a template. The right document automation workflow system will provide you with a large library of document templates.

Templates make document drafting quick and easy. All you need to do is customize a few key fields and you’re ready for automated distribution and electronic signatures. A few examples of template use cases are:

  • Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Nonprofit event budget approval requests
  • Attorney legal engagement letters
  • HR department COVID-19 declaration of symptoms

Automate payment collection

What if you could get paid for a deal as soon as the contract was signed? A best-in-class electronic signature system can incorporate an online payment processor to include the option to proceed directly to payment. It will also automate reminder emails to make sure your customers remember to pay on time.

With the right electronic signature automation solution and electronic payment provider combination, signers can pay immediately with credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, SEPA payments, Apple Pay or Google Pay. You are also able to configure which payment types you accept depending on your business needs.

Leverage platform integrations

A best-in-class digital document management system does not exist in a vacuum. It is set up to seamlessly integrate with dozens of useful applications and systems to allow you to consolidate data and take action no matter which application or system you’re currently using. Here are a few key integrations that DocuSign supports:

  • DocuSign’s Salesforce integrations allow you to distribute, sign and manage sales agreements without leaving Salesforce
  • DocuSign’s Google integrations allow you to sign, send and manage documents with the Google products you are already using
  • DocuSign’s Microsoft integrations allow you to conduct business from within your favorite Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Word and SharePoint

See how DocuSign offers pre-built integrations with over 350 commonly used business systems and tools including Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Slack, SAP and more.

DocuSign eSignature enables document workflow automation

DocuSign eSignature provides users with a document workflow automation system that can drastically reduce the time spent chasing down signatures and filing documents.

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